Meet the Artist - Marty Wisher

Marty Wisher's journey in art began at a young age. She was born an artist. Her love of drawing and painting began as a toddler. (God bless Crayola Crayons). By age 5, Marty had started drawing pictures of crucifixes and churches her parents took her to visit Europe. In high school she achieved Louisiana's state champion for pencil sketching and oil paintings. Then went on to compete in the U.S. competition.

Marty has studied visual design in college at both Minnesota and Florida. As most artists, her art has progressed and grown over the years. In 2005 a one woman exhibit of Marty's work was held at the Cape Coral, Fl courthouse. Today, her pieces are seen in Florida galleries and commercial buildings.

Of course, as you view Marty's portfolio, you see a love for murals. "We are surrounded everyday by walls. We should make them lovely and inspiring to look at. The walls and rooms that surround you should make you feel that -this is the place you want to be. " says Marty.

She continues, "Art, especially murals, has two sides. As an artist, I can have my own style and flair. However, there is another side, that of the viewer. Each client has their own vision. I take that idea or vision and bring it to glorious full color life. In the end, my goal is to take their breath away. Make it even better than they imagined. There is joy in the painting. Each one has a piece of my heart in it."

"Every person and place is an inspiration. I look forward to what every day brings and how my art will progress. I hope to meet you along the journey."






















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