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Commercial Artistic Services

The atmosphere of a commercial property restaurant, hotel, or retail establishment is an important element and can be a critical key to its success.

    When muralist Marty Wisher is commissioned to provide a commercial mural, a wide range of factors come into play when choosing the mural design. For example, in creating a mural for a restaurant, the menu, the location, the lighting, even the owners vision all become part of Marty's focus.

    Murals in any public space can have an immediate and very profound impact, and are quite often designed around a theme for the place in which they are found. Imagine an Aquarium with a 30 foot seascape, or a tropical nursery with a mural on a structural element. The possibilities are virtually endless.

    Most all of the Swan Studios commercial clients have found that an investment in a mural for their establishment has provided a return far beyond measure. From the smiles of folks viewing one of Marty's creations, to the ambiance created in a retail establishment that causes folks to come back again and again, a mural by Marty Wisher is simply not to be missed.

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